HDRC – a non–profit public institution founded in 2005. HDRC implements projects aimed at empowerment of the vulnerable towards active citizenship.

Fields of expertise and competence: sustainable human development; building civic capacity of the vulnerable; volunteering; strengthening NGOs capacity in decision making and civic action; lifelong learning for social inclusion and active citizenship; community building.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Multidisciplinary team of researchers have rich experience in research/case studies in the field of human development and active citizenship; informal training (modular programmes and teaching aids); volunteering in community building; participation of NGOs in local development initiatives. Main target groups are inhabitants of underdeveloped communities: -young people; families at risk of social exclusion; people aged 54+; long term unemployed; NGOs.

Expertise sought

Informal training on active citizenship and inclusive awareness raising activities for children and youth. Important challenge we face is how to make training sessions and awareness raising activities attractive to young people and awaken their interest in civic participation. In this context we also need expertise in developing effective measures focused on involving youth into volunteering and community building. HDRC is open to different forms of mutually fruitful partnership.