Non profitable association for philanthropy, protection and support of socially vulnerable that advocates tolerance, peace, and doing good.

Humanitarian association Auxilium in its 10 years of continuos acctivities has carried multiple respectable programmes like “Peacemaker”, “Do good”, “260 days”, “Friends of minorities”, “Memory” and others that were confirmed by local administration, national institutions as well as others associations of civil society. The newest project HANDYMAN which is co-financed by European Union funds that has a goal of spreading social entrepreneurship and helping the elderly and weak.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Ten years of experience, professional service composed of employed economists, graduate student of law, interdisciplined and expert team of proffesors, current cheff of the office and the founder of assotiation Auxilium mr. Marijan Gubina as an internationally accepted humanitarian and peacemaker and published writer, two employees-proffesional masters in our project handyman.

Expertise sought

To strenghten ties internationally with civil organisations that have the same mission and by that means developement culture of peace.