Our organization exists to help solve most burning problems of today by developing impact games and technologies that educate and build active citizen

At Impact Games, we believe that games and new technologies are one of the most effective ways to achieve positive change in education. Our goal is to bring more impact games to the market and to build awareness about the immersive experience of gaming, its potential for education and behavioural change.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We focus on three main areas:
(1) Producing educational games and games with a positive social impact
(2) Training of educators, teachers and youth workers to employ game-based approach to education
(3) Advocacy and public awareness about the concept of games with positive social impact and their potential to positively influence gamers` behavior, whether in the context of educational processes or in the context of spontaneous learning in the process of everyday life activities

Expertise sought

We are looking for a partner to help us build our program for school or with the capacity building of our staff.