The Impact Tech Foundation works to promote technology with a purpose, social innovation and social entrepreneurship for solving pressing issues.

We are a newly established organization that gathers experts in entrepreneurship, IT, sustainability, and humanitarian activities with refugees. We are connected to the social enterprise Humans in the Loop which employs refugees to provide data annotation services to AI and computer vision companies. In addition, we organize courses in digital skills, hackathons, and other activities to encourage collaboration between the tech, startup, and humanitarian sectors.
We would love to participate in projects that promote tech with a social mission and digital employment for vulnerable groups.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can provide expertise in working with vulnerable groups such as refugees, dealing with ecological issues such as air pollution, empowerment of people with disabilities, etc. Our team has a strong background in establishing social enterprises that provide employment to vulnerable groups, especially refugees. We would be a very strong partner in projects for vulnerable groups empowerment and employability.

Expertise sought

We have not previously applied to projects under this fund and we would love to partner with somebody who has prior experience and potentially has been granted funding through the scheme.