Include reduces inequalities in education and social action. Our main goal “no one is left behind”.

Include undertakes activities in 4 key areas: i) equal education and inclusive participation in technology, art, sports and game, ii) empowerment of families and vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion to actively participate in the local community, with specific research projects on tourism and leisure time for families of children with disabilities iii) training of teachers inclusive practices in learning environments of formal and non-formal education and iv) conducting research and publishing results

Competence and Expertise Offered

Include is an expert in Universal Design of Learning methodology in formal and non-formal learning environments.
We have been designed the first inclusive educational program in basic judo technics that is suitable for children and youth with ASD. it is unique that ASD children were supported by judokas, members of therapeutic communities. We are also experts in educational robotic inclusive activities and self-awareness and self-regulation technics for children with disabilities.

Expertise sought

We are interested in collaboration and share of best practises with educational organizations, research institutions, parent associations, media experts organization and capacity building experts.