KDETYD, is a non-profit scientific association, which deals with Innovative Activities in Education, Tourism, Health and Interculturality

We are planning and develop collaborations with organizations and people with special needs (disabled), groups of young people or institutions and members of the educational community or related to it, as well as collaborations with respective and other countries associations. The purpose is the training, updating of education, planning, implementation and evaluation of educational programs related to the dissemination and exploitation of innovation in Education, Tourism, Health, Interculturalism in vulnerable groups or not and in the promotion of innovative educational activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our members profile are teachers of formal & non-formal education of all levels, professionals & non-professionals, scientists, as well as friends and youths who don’t have the necessary scientific qualifications, but are interested in innovation activities. We implement programs who aimed at youth, single-parent families, people with Disabilities (Vulnerable & Disabled), unemployed, women outside the labor market, immigrants/refugees, all stakeholders and groups of all ages and social levels.

Expertise sought

We aim in cooperation with organizations that are aware of the activities of the Association, in order to develop a network through which the sustainability of Civil Society will be strengthened and its role in the promotion of democratic processes, in the enhancement of citizens’ participation in the public and in defending human rights in conjunction with combating racial stereotypes.