NGO founded byl Holocaust Survivors to research, commemorate and educate about Shoah. Today focusing on prevention antisemitism, anticiganism, racism.

– research of Holocaust history with special focus on its roots, – – documentation of the Holocaust Victims stories – Database of the Holocaust Victims online (,
discussing with Survivors and their descendants – about the consequences of the Holocaust till today,
– educating to motivate youth be interested in history to find examples to show how important is to be active and responsible for the personal and public life in my neighborhood. Using methodology of Facing History and ourselves we work with kids, youth and teachers/educators.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– experience and good practises in documentation of the genocide victims: know-how to search and collect data, interpretation of them and construction of the database
– expertise in research
– expertise in educational programes focused on Holocaust history using Facing History and Ourselves metholodogy – to lead youth to be active and responsible today

Expertise sought

We are looking for the partners for sharing experience and how to efective connect results of historical research and Holocaust-Genocide studies with today, to make people responsible and active to prevent antisemitism, anticiganism, racism.
To share Facing History and Ourselves educational methodology and learn the methodologies of constructive dialogue and communication, ciritical thinking etc.