IEPAS is the only non-profit organization in Greece, dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance.

Our main mission is to provide Career Counseling to as many young people as we can and to promote Career Counseling to the next generations. IEPAS aims to help people realize their talents and determine their position in the modern labor market, thus greatly improving the conditions of their lives in personal, family and social level.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have a wide array of expertise in many areas like:

•Personalized career counceling programs for young people (14-20)
•Supportive actions for the development of Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship
•Career-skills advancement
•Vocational Guidance & Career Counseling
•Employment outplacement
•Conferences’ Organization
•Co-funded European Programs

Expertise sought

With aim to adapt our objectives to new benchmarks, we are looking for creative & enthusiast partners for productive cooperation and able to exchange good practices & new ideas.
•Capacity building
•Building local, regional, national and transnational partnerships;
•Involvement in the professional development of social categories considered disadvantaged: young people and women;
•Innovative methodologies
•Development and improvement
•Opportunities to elaborate and implement projects