Prolepsis Institute, established in 1990, is a non-profit organization with a leading role in the field of public health both in Greece and Europe.

Prolepsis’s mission is to respond to major public health challenges by conducting academic research and translating it into action through education, advocacy and service delivery. We have implemented >50 large-scale projects targeting children, students, senior citizens, women, migrants, refugees, health professionals, other occupational groups and the general public. Since 2012 through the food aid and healthy nutrition initiative DIATROFI, Prolepsis has had a measurable impact on food insecurity and obesity prevention for 120,000 children and their families in vulnerable areas of Greece.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Prolepsis works on research, advocacy and educational initiatives aiming at health promotion and education, policy change and tackling health inequalities. We focus on refugee and migrant health, health of other vulnerable groups such as elderly, children, women, as well as other issues such as nutrition, obesity (development of the National Dietary Guidelines in Greece) and food aid initiatives, vaccinations, cancer screening and prevention, smoking, workplace and environmental health.

Expertise sought

Prolepsis has established strong cooperation networks both in Greece and internationally, with organizations in most EU countries and the USA. We seek to enlarge this network, with stakeholders in Greece and abroad working on health promotion, health inequalities and advocacy. In particular we are interested in joined initiatives targeting children, adolescents and women from social vulnerable populations such as Roma and migrants as well as the elderly.