The Institute of Science and Culture is an organization which brings together creative and open-minded people willing to contribute to better tomorrow

Our mission is to promote culture and science in Norway and abroad. In the domain of science, the Institute operates on the basis of a multi-disciplined approach towards, developing new and innovative solutions able to change the face of technology, research and education. In the domain of culture, we strive to preserve and foster cultural values both at individual and collective levels, support education and physical development of young, talented as well as disadvantaged people.

Competence and Expertise Offered

IOSAC is experienced in organizing both small and big projects in the area of culture, science, sport and education. We have liaised with public bodies, research institutes and teaching establishments, such as universities. Our team is composed of experts who have extensive experience in programmes and projects in the above-mentioned areas. Among our team are project coordinators and project managers.

Expertise sought

We look forward to fruitful cooperation with partners able to exchange good practices, share innovative solutions and propose new ideas relating to current social issues and research. We would also be glad to cooperate and reveal new ideas that promote culture.