We are a small school with big ideas. We are trying to develop the best practices to provide our students with great education and life skills.

We work on innovative teaching methods in sphere of mathematics, art, languages. We are currently preparing block teaching method.
We are also changing our school into a green one. We want to start thermomodernization of our 100 years old building. Moreover, we want to start an eco-garden where our students and residents of the town can learn about climate change, recycling, renewable energy sources, gardening and much more. We are looking for partners primary for this project but we are also open for any other initiatives.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have over 10 years of expertise in innovative teaching.
Our staff is experienced in leveling educational opportunities for children with disabilities, children from families with difficulties.
We are also experienced in working with immigrating families and kids who struggle with polish language.
Our staff has many years if expertise in interdisciplinary work with kids in different age groups. Our team is open-minded and constantly working on improving their skills, expertise.

Expertise sought

First and fore most in cooperation we seek open-mindedness and will to work together on educating the youth. For the project of eco-garden we would appreciate expertise on educating kids on global, sustainability issues in interactive and creative way. We want to exchange knowledge and experience in strengthening local communities and spreading awareness on sustainability and global issues.