International Center for Diplomatic Studies Norway will be reflected in the actions, projects and courses that are being proposed in partnership.

International Center for Diplomatic Studies ICDS – Norway will be reflected in the actions, projects and programs that seek:
To support and organize scientific events (conferences, congress, symposium, expedition and scientific research); – To promote cross-border cooperation in Europe and in other continents and to preserve the cultural heritage of these areas.
– Promoting and empowering youth from a cultural, scientific and sports standpoint, both nationality; -To organize sporting events, camps, educational activities, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, symposiums and other cultural ev

Competence and Expertise Offered

International Center for Diplomatic Studies ICDS, is an NGOs with experience in organizing cultural events, project management and training in technology.
We are a team whose members gathered in-depth level of experience with the management and policies related to the EU and Norway, both study abroad and internships in the most prestigious institutions.
– Project Management; Entrepreneurial and developing social enterprises; Organizational development of NGOs; Social Inclusion; Education;etc.

Expertise sought

ICDS – Develop programs for youth:
internships, courses, competitions, exhibitions, symposium, seminars, round tables, specific voluntary actions, camps and tours.
– Project management skills in particular for EU-funded projects; experienced trainers in project-related areas;
– Track record of work with youth including art students; contacts with relevant bodies & artists; expertise in organizing events, promotion, communication;
– Thorough knowledge and understanding of specific minority.