Iuridicum Remedium, (IuRe) is a NGO/Digital rights watchdog, defending civil liberties and offers legal help in cases of social injustice.

Iuridicum Remedium (IuRe) are defending civil liberties primarily through legal channels. Our lawyers deal with both specific cases of injustice and also with wider threats for citizens rights, for example by changing legislation. We are providing free legal assistance to people in need, especially for the seniors.
In our other activities, we are try to promote digital rights, watchdog for privacy issues, and we also trying to encourage broad usage of alternatives to copyright. IuRe is organizer of Czech Big Brother Awards.

Competence and Expertise Offered

IuRe works with longtime legal experts in privacy, digital and civil rights. We can offer expertise and legal aid in various cases.

Expertise sought

Help in fields, we are not experts on, like IT, technogy, etc…