Unique cultural and educational platform that is using art for advocating human rights topics. Based in Zagreb, active on national and regional level.

Festival of Tolerance (FoT) has been fostering critical thinking and the creation of a more tolerant society, in an attempt to open up a dialogue between opposing sides and to contribute to the development of a healthier social environment. FoT has been warning about the problems of racism, discrimination, xenophobia, homophobia and hate speech, as well as issues of asylum seekers and migrants and their position in society.
FoT is not just another film festival, but a year-long socially engaged string of events that promotes human rights following social, political and economic trends.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Fifteen years of experience in making tailor-made programs and concepts for for cultural events using film and audiovisual art as main tools. Small but experienced and inspired team of devoted professionals.

Expertise sought

New ideas and opportunities. Opportunities to disseminate our own projects internationally, and ideas for projects (already existing or new ones) to implement them in Croatian context.