Contribute to the active participation of women and youths in their communities and empower and engage them at local, national and international level

A non-political and non-religious organization that works to bridge cultural, social and linguistic divides.
Create a meeting place for integration and interaction.
Contribute to active community participation and engagement for women and young people with minority backgrounds.
Promote peace, coexistence, mutual respect and understanding between different people and cultures
Promote active dialogue among stakeholders across ethnicity, culture and generational divide. Reduce the adverse effects of some of these challenges that ultimately can lead to mental health challenges.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are a diversed group that have experience with working with and empowering women of minority bakground. We seek to promote gender equality and work against negative social control of young people especially women. Over the years, we have garnered valuable experience in bringing together people from different nationalities and social bakground. We actively seek to compliment inhouse expertise with external knowledge base from wider society.

Expertise sought

We recognize that we can always learn from other partners/organisations that work in the same areas or fields like us. An exchange of ideas we believe can be mutually beneficial for all. We will also like to expand the scope of our work, which we believe and appreciate can be achieved through cooperation with partner organisations. And the benefits of cultural exchanges cannot be overemphasized.