Karin dom is a 22 years old NGO with a leading role in providing professional services for children with special needs (0-8) and their families.

The main activities are realized by: Center for providing services for children with special needs and their families (for children aged 3-8), Center for Early Intervention (for children aged 0-3) and by a Resource and training center (qualified training for organizations and professionals). Karin Dom annually supports over 300 children and families and trains over 1200 specialists.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Karin dom provides therapeutic,educational and social services for children with special needs and support for their families.Services are based on the family-oriented approach and family-mediated intervention where the family is a key player in the therapy.The training center introduces and uses new methods for working with children with special needs and disseminate the practice among specialists in Bulgaria and abroad.Our Early intervention program is in UNICEF ‘s collection of best practices

Expertise sought

Karin dom develops its activity and now is in a process of establishing a new and up-to-date center for children with special needs in Varna, Bulgaria. This is a huge, long-term project that will need lots of expertise to become more innovative, corresponding to the needs center, to be able to provide more trainings for both parents and professionals and to improve the administrative capacity and processes.