We are non-profit non-governmental organization. Our mission is to organize activities for sustainable and balanced development of Kaunas region.

We support implementation of technological and social innovations. We motivate cooperation between private initiatives and local authorities. We encourage local and foreign investments in Kaunas region, shape favourable, thorough and efficient image of the Region‘s development. We stimulate local and international interregional cooperation, to participate in social and economical problems solution and development processes of Kaunas region.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer: preparation, implementation and administration of projects. Preparation of regional strategic development documents. Consulting on project preparation and management; issues of public procurement; searching for funding sources.
Organization and pursuit of qualification trainings for public institutions and private companies. Organizing events, visits and other meetings.

Expertise sought

We seek to create new partnerships and coopertaions between institutions by making new projects. This will help us as a possible partners to exchange experience in the field of the possible project and other fields. Why to make and create something new and implement new changes alone, when you can do it with someone and also learn to share responsibilities. But most important we seek to make changes in out and in your region or city.