Erifyli Center (EC) is an NGO situated in Patras, Greece aiming to combat gender inequalities, gender-based violence and gender stereotyping.

EC aims to offer the community an organised intervention framework based on gender inequality issues by providing empowerment workshops, legal support ranging from legal consultation to legal representation, information and awareness-raising activities, such as events, workshops, festivals, campaigns, seminars, interventions, etc., aimed at the general public, students, teachers, professionals, women, and other relevant target groups. EC’s personnel, also, are experienced in EU-funded projects design and implementation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our organisation’s expertise lies in psychology, adult education, legal services and consultation and STEEM through the lens of gender equality and inclusiveness.

-We provide holistic support to women who experience intimate partner violence (IPV).

-We offer a service named “Escape Plan” to IPV survivors.

-We provide workshops based on non-formal education to children, adolescents, and adults to promote gender equality.

-We are experienced in monitoring and implementing Europea

Expertise sought

Our organization is interested in any partnership that could enhance our ability to provide better services to our target groups. We are particularly interested in the exchange of knowledge and good practices. In general, we want to learn from others and share our knowledge with a larger European network. Also, we are interested in building a network of partners to ensure long-term impact and sustainability.