KETHEA is the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece, fighting addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, internet).

KETHEA services are offered free of charge on the street and in prisons and rehabilitation units around Greece. KETHEA programmes are drug-free and provide counselling and drug treatment, family support, health care, education and training, legal support and assistance reintegrating into society and re-entering the world of work. KETHEA also runs school and community-based prevention and early intervention programmes, and is active in training and research in the field of addiction.

Competence and Expertise Offered

KETHEAs core “competences” include therapy and support, social inclusion interventions, research in the field of addictions, educational programmes for underprivileged groups, art therapy, harm reduction, prevention.

Expertise sought

We are interested to collaborate with other organisations and exchange know how. We are mostly interested in active citizenship, capacity building, social enterprises, innovative ways of social inclusion.