Centres for Seniors is a non-profit organization providing social and health promotion day programs for seniors.

NGO from Lithuania “Keturlapis Dobilas” is working with groups of seniors. Our mission is to reduce social isolation, improve the health and well-being of older adults and to empower them to lead meaningful and connected lives in which they are engaged and participating in the community. We are committed to providing inclusive, interactive, and accessible programs that make a difference in the lives of seniors, promoting independence, a sense of belonging to a supportive community, and fostering a sense of purpose in life.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our workers have experience in using non-formal training methods in education, organizing seminars, events for seniors. Our NGO is open to all who wish to participate actively in non-formal education activities, and provides a variety of opportunities to spend their leisure time, develop their creative abilities and knowledge for working with seniors.

Expertise sought

We are looking partners who have experience in creativity training, working with seniors in non formal trainings field. We seek impact oriented reliable partners working internationally, nationally and locally to collaborate in fields of education, entrepreneurship and creativity. We are looking for project partners too.