We are a Christian children- and youth organization, fighting for young people’s right to live and develop as whole human beings.

On a national level we have about 25 000 participants and 400 groups and enterprises, and we are at the front in terms of creating open and safe communities around the country for children, youth and young adults in particular. We have a long tradition of establishing TenSing groups for teenagers and youths, we arrange various leader training courses, and we have five Houses of Change where the youth in the local communities themselves decide what program they want and need at the time. Our focus areas are social exclusion, unfair globalization, religious polarization and secularization.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our organization is part of the worlds largest women’s movement, YWCA, and the world’s largest youth movement, YMCA. Therefore we have a significant global network which is strengthened through the various partnership projects we do. We have a long history of working with children and youth, creating open and safe environments where they can grow as individuals, whether that be weekly activities, camps or various courses.