The organisation performs consulting activities and works in the field of development and management of projects and programs of european funds.

We develop projects, implement human resource management systems and conduct methodological training. We want to apply for the project of Small grant scheme program “Justice”. Our project proposal has the main task to complement the state policies, by reaching directly to the vulnerable groups and communities, with an emphasis on Roma societies. The planned events will be promoted through seminars, trainings and public events, by providing awareness for protection and specialized support service and will also raise the awareness about violence focusing on students, teachers and specialists.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Professional staff hired for the project will provide specialized training in combating domestic violence. Partnering with organisation from the donor country we will do joint research, events and will draw good practices and experience them. Within the project we will build a team to outline specific technical activities for the development and implementation of specialized services to support and provide an environment for the protection of children at risk.

Expertise sought

We would be happy to find a partner from the Kingdom of Norway with experience in combating and preventing violence against children. We expect from the organisation to prepare good practices and offer them to us for implementation as well as popular measures for interaction with the justice system of Bulgaria, civil society organizations and partnerships with organizations from Norway for cooperation, partnership and raising awareness of potential and affected children.