“Ap’ousia” Koinsep is mainly involved in the planning and implementation of educational and cultural programs based on experiential learning.

Our vision is to connect education with experiential game, as well as, to craft our activities based on the needs of students and teachers of each school. Throughout the activities that we create, we empower collective learning instead of individual, as well as, we create the circumstances for the creation of a safe space where each person will be able to express freely.
The main principles that we adopt when designing and delivering our programs aspire to: Empower experiential learning, create surprising stimuli and co-design programs in collaboration with participants.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Common ground for “Ap’ousia” team’s members, is our interest in alternative and libertarian education, and our belief that play and self-regulation have a primary role in the educational process. Perceiving children as equal members of a team, with self-willed thought and their capacity to form their own opinions and find solutions to the problems they compose by themselves, the goal is for them to perceive the world around them by their own means and experiences.