Sagar is a community of professional filmmakers, photographers and activists, who share real-life events to draw attention to social problems.

With strong narrative skills, a carefully shaped vision and creativity, Sagar gives power to stories, thus raising awareness, encouraging changes in society. With the help of modern media tools, Sagar aims to enthuse, educate, mobilize, shape its diverse audience into active viewers. Sagar focuses on stories of people, who don’t have the possibility to speak for themselves, by following these individuals everywhere; to places where the hidden is revealed, where the unheard is heard and the unspoken is told. Sagar broadens its creativity, operation via international cooperation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Knowledge, equipment, workshops for making socially engaged films. Sagar is an expert team of filmmakers. We can offer help/workshops in area: the filmmaking process step by step; addressing issues, needs and advocacy of socially marginalized groups in the film; mobilization of a wider audience (e. g. volunteers, local communities); organizing film festivals; the importance of engaging representatives of marginalized groups in filmmaking process; cooperation in filmmaking projects, distribution.

Expertise sought

We are looking for organizations from the filmmaking field, addressing various human rights issues. Organizations, which address good practices from marginal communities in order to achieve an impact on viewers and to activate the audience with the hope of sharing the struggle for the achievement of equality and social justice. Opportunity to learn and to share knowledge.
We are seeking for an opportunity to learn and to share knowledge; especially collaboration in addressing Roma issues, base