National practitioner organisation for art therapists, works to develop the profession of art therapy: exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Use of expressive art therapy to improve quality of life:
– For development (personal, leadership, organisational or societal development), activating creativity & psychotherapy
-For improving mental health, wellbeing, coping, problem solving
– For improving life domains: physical body, mental and emotions, social skills, meaning in life, joy of living!
– Work with refugees, unemployed, crisis-survivors .. people of all ages
– Support recovery from trauma, shame, anxiety, depression, solitude, burnout, suicidal thoughts ..

Competence and Expertise Offered

Share know-how (knowledge, experience, ideas) on how to:
– improve life (coping, self-efficacy and thriving) for individuals and groups
– increase creativity and innovation
– develop programs and workshops
– Facilitate experiental learning workshops

Expertise sought

We want to learn from others and share our knowledge with a larger european network, so more people can benefit from our shared learnings and skills, and so that our partners can be more effective in their endeavours to reach their own goals.