NGO from Lithuania “Creative Future Ideas” is working with different youth groups and organizations in non-formal education field.

Non formal trainings, developing creativity skills, take care of the rights and freedoms of hearing impaired persons, promotes the independence and integration of disabled people in to society, provide translation to sign language services, helps persons with hearing impairment to realize the right to self-realization.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our trainers and youth workers have big experience in using non-formal training methods in education, organizing seminars, conferences, events. Our NGO is open to all youth who wish to participate actively in non-formal education activities, and provides a variety of opportunities to spend their leisure time, develop their creative abilities and knowledge of their profession in scientific, technological, artistic, sports, tourism sections.

Expertise sought

We are looking partners who have experience in creativity training, working with disabled youth in non formal trainings field.