The KYKLOS (Circle) nonprofit Athens, and for the purpose of promoting actions related to media literacy and public awareness of environmental issues.

Please see the short presentation in the following:
Kyklos non Profit organizes: Psaroloco Media literacy Project ( trainings, designs educational material and runs activities which familiarize young people with the creative use of media, new technologies and the different forms of audiovisual expression. Our experience includes activities for children and adults, experiential workshops for vulnerable groups. Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival ( and Bulb Act Green.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Research methodology: data acquisition, processing, analysis and synthesis. We believe that image and sound “texts” need to be better understood, as more people of all ages realize the strength of media around them and want to develop visual narratives themselves. Kyklos has a good experience on training and dissemination of good practices in media literacy in order to better use digital and multimedia tools to boost intercultural dialogue and Global Citizenship Education issues.

Expertise sought

We are seeking for partners with an interest in audiovisual expression as a tool for education and interculturality. We are interested in collaboration and share of best practises with educational organizations, research institutions, parent associations, media experts organization and capacity building experts.