Ladies Union of Drama’ s purpose is to provide services, in order to benefit vulnerable social groups and alleviate the humanitarian and social crisis

The aim of our organization is to support, empower and encourage vulnerable social groups and to raise awareness, through:
Social support, psychological support, legal counseling, financial support, career counseling, pharmaceutical & medical care, clothing distribution, provisions distribution, organizing group doscussions and campaigns.
Our beneficiaries are: Natives and foreigners, destitute, homeless, uninsured, victims of gender violence, single mothers, Roma, drug addicts, refugees and immigrants.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Ladies Union of Drama is experienced in providing a holistic approach to the beneficiaries’ needs, in a warm and personal manner.
When registering a new beneficiary, our organization does not focus solely on the financial status, but also on social criteria.
The organization has expertise in ensuring and maintaining sustainability of the programs.

Expertise sought

What Ladies Union of Drama is seeking in cooperation is organizations with expertise in innovation. We also wish to collaborate with organizations providing services for the support of social vulnerable groups, that tend to be excluded.