Lifting up people in rural communities.
We support the creation of farms, capacity building instruments and small businesses based on self-motivation

Land Source of Income Foundation aims at creating positive social impact by successfully running sustainable projects in rural communities in Bulgaria.
The goal of the Foundation is to help financially disadvantaged families to start and develop entrepreneurship initiatives which change their lives and communities. The Foundation provides working capital, training, and continuous professional support.
We help regional partner organizations to build capacity for supporting entrepreneurship initiatives for family and community development.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Integrated support for disadvantaged families to develop business in rural areas:
– A Model developed and disseminated on a national scale in Bulgaria (2013 EU CAP Communication Special Award)
– On-the-spot agricultural, economic and legal support
– Broad community networks of stakeholders
– National Coalition of partners supporting entrepreneurial initiatives
– E-based learning instruments for agricultural businesses
– Capacity assessment methodology for NGOs supporting entrepreneurship

Expertise sought

– Digitalization and further development of services offered.
– Alternative financial instruments for funding entrepreneurial initiatives of disadvantaged families
– Capacity building of the Foundation and the National Coalition.
– Testing and dissemination of the Model for Integrated Entrepreneurial Support internationally