PIC is centre for legal protection of human rights and environment. Our legal status is private institute – non-profit, non-governmental organization.


Competence and Expertise Offered

The main goal of PIC’s operation is protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and endeavoring for the rule of law, social state and democracy. This includes realization of the gender equality principle and protection from discrimination of different vulnerable groups and individuals (persons with disabilities, victims of family violence, children, victims of human trafficking, the elderly, asylum applicants, refugees, migrants…. We provide various types of legal protection and intervene in cases of threats to fundamental freedoms. In the area of environmental protection we endeavor for effective protection of the constitutional right to healthy living environment and we demand from the government that climate crisis is set as national priority. Our activities include informing, legal counseling, training and research in support of non-governmental organizations and civil initiatives in the field. We actively cooperate by providing comments and recommendations during the adoption of important laws and strategic documents in the field of human rights and environmental protection and propose systemic changes in particular towards a better inclusion of the public in decision-making processes and improvements of access to effective legal remedies. PIC has the official status of an organization working in the public interest in the field of environmental protection.

Expertise sought

We seek partners in the area of – human rights advocacy (campaigning and systemic change) – democratic governance (participation, transparency) – watch dog practice and expertise – active citizenship – human rights education