We are a special high school for blind and impaired children. In our school are studying 105 pupils with age between 6-19 years old.

The main activities are for learning and studying, and also for therapeutic process like : orientation and mobility, reading and writing in braille, assistive tehnologies, independent skills.
We like Erasmus +projects and we want to apply a project for teachers to learn in your ONG, skills for orientation and mobility, therapeutic methodes for blind and impaired children, skills for an independent life, and also to learn some skills in assistive tehnologies.

Competence and Expertise Offered

In our schools, we have 22 special education teachers who are working with blind and impaired children in 5 areas : cognitive stimulation, ludotherapy, socialization, ocupational therapies and autonom life skills. In school, there are 3 cabinets of psychology asistence, one cabinet for assistive technology, there is space for sportive activities for goalball, tandem. Also, we are teachers who are helping children to write and read braille, to help them to have a wellbeing.

Expertise sought

First of all, we want to extend our perspective about inclusion and to develop a open community about people with blind and impaired children.
We want new and more experiences with experts and teachers or trainers who are working with blind and impaired children.
We want to visit each others and to create new projects, with attractive activities for children and also for teachers, parents, others stakeholders. We hope to create and mainten a good professional relationships.