Life Potential organization is an NGO oriented towards developing the potential that lies within every individual and every community.

In our work, we are combining different tools of coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Gestalt psychotherapy and mindfulness through non-formal approach. We work with youth and adults mostly in the fields of overall personal and professional development which includes understanding and improvement of communication skills and teamwork, personal empowerment and presentation skills.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Life Potential team brings to the projects expertise in communication skills, team work skills, empowerment techniques, critical and creative thinking tools, leadership and presentation skills and raising awareness of ones potential and responsibility for ones own life and the life of the community where he/she is integral part.

Expertise sought

Regarding projects promoting active citizenship, we as an NGO that works more on a personal level with target groups of our projects are looking for partner organizations that practice: – local community organization and development including participatory management and planning of development strategies, – education on the topic of human rights, – policy work etc.