Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation is a non-governmental non-profit organisation providing a wide range of social, cultural and educational services.

Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation unites 20 branches working in various regions of Lithuania. The mission of the Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation is to care for disabled, desolated, distressed, disaster-stricken, socially excluded and disadvantaged people, large families and children from families lacking social skills; provide qualified and quality social services and increase their accessibility; offer all necessary help and support to all in need; encourage voluntary activities; raise and promote citizenship and sociality in the society; enhance social inclusion.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Over many years of work the Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation has gained diverse experience in provision of social services, project management, community work, and has become a reliable partner to the local municipalities and other authorities. The organisation constantly implements various regional and national projects aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion, participates in international best practice sharing projects.

Expertise sought

The Lithuanian Samaritan Organisation is looking for international partnerships to increase and share its knowledge and experience, develop and implement joint ideas in the social field.