NGO based on Local partnership of public and private subjects supports the villages, schools, small entrepreneurs and NGOs in the Rural area.

Local Action Group (LAG) is an NGO, based on the partnership of public, private and NGO sector, working in the rural region, on the principles of the LEADER method/CLLD (Community-led Local Development). LAG Svatojirsky les was based in 2006, formulated the Regional Development Strategies and redistributed funds from EU for small investment and community projects for local actors. Since 2014 we are more active in the educational and social area.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Local support and development based on detailed knowledge of the local needs, driven through the participatory processes: we support the active organizations and citizens from our rural and socio-economically weak region to participate on local development activities, and prepare our own projects, focused on networking and community planning in local education and social systems.