Ludruga is an association focused on the upgrading of the mental health within the community. We initiate a dialogue about mental diversity.

Ludruga has been founded and led by people with personal experience of mental health problems. We are involved in the areas of human rights, culture, non-formal education, social protection and mental health. By conducting art, dance and drama workshops, we promote and encourage the implementation of new visions, policies, cultures, models and practices of psycho-diversity within the community. Through nonviolent actions and peace activism, we develop awareness of belonging to global social systems while developing personal and social responsibility.
Our goal is “a human scale therapy “

Competence and Expertise Offered

Organising and conducting peer support groups for people with mental health problems and their family, services of mobile peer team for psychosocial support in a community. Trainings, festivals, seminars and public events in order to promote mental health in the community, raise public awareness of new, more effective approaches to mental health issues. We cooperate with mental health professionals who respect our principle of work based on equality.

Expertise sought

Expertise and experience in advocating and organizing actions aimed at improving mental health policies and strategies. Experience in using inclusive artistic techniques and presenting activities in the form of performances, exhibitions, workshops, tribunes and seminaries in public and different types of media for the purpose of destigmatization.