The LYDIA KEK KEDIBIM2 is a certified Centre of Professional Education, based in Katerini. Certification Number 2000200, issued by the EOPPEP.

The LYDIA KEK carry out adult education programs.
Indicative programs LYDIA KEK carry out currently:
• Education for voucher beneficiaries
• Education for professionals working in KEK.
• Seminars, presentations and conferences.
• Counseling for unemployed, employees, students, graduates and companies
• Distance learning courses, experiential workshops / seminars
• Braille learning
• Aegean University 2019-2020 Part time Professional Programs
• Training and certification in the first private butcher school in Northern Greece (Lydia School)
• National fund and regional programs.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Can organize educational and cultural preparation of participants, to coordinate and oversee implementation
of the program, to arrange and organize the necessary transport procedures, accommodation, nutrition and insurance from a reputable insurance company participants, evaluate the progress of the participants and disseminate them
the results of the design and study of good practice, as well as the training of participants and spread the word
project results.

Expertise sought

Preparation of files of propositions submitted to National Strategic Reference Framework- ESPA. The LYDIA KEK has already conducted and carried out programs of vocational learning that had been funded through state canals, as the Organization of Employment of Labor Force, a branch of the Employment Ministry that promotes the employees in the Private Sector. Also, Preparation of files of propositions submitted to National Strategic Reference Framework-ESPA & Submission of ERASMUS+.