Association is committed to the development of education and learning, as well as to taking social responsibility and promoting equal opportunities.

With our educational programs and initiatives, we aim to help improve students’ learning conditions and foster creative thinking.We attach particular importance to the introduction of the “Social Learning” as a new educational methodology, which we provide opportunities for schools and educational institutions to adopt.We pay special attention to supporting disadvantaged children by offering after-school activities and mentorship programs to assist in improving their academic performance, enhancing their skills, and providing them with a supportive and inspiring community environment.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our association closely collaborates with Dr. József Benda, a professor specializing in socialization research, organizational development, and social pedagogy, along with his development team. Additionally, we work with Hungary’s most outstanding educators with 30 years of experience to drive educational change.

Expertise sought

Our goal is to reach a wider audience of educators and children with our educational program, as it plays a formative role in society. Achieving this requires numerous resources and support: establishing connections with institutions, educational organizations, and experts interested in educational renewal, fostering knowledge and technology exchange, as well as securing financial support to develop our program.