Mazí Housing provides housing and support to deprioritised asylum seekers and refugees. In 2022, this meant supporting adult, solo men in Athens.

Housing: We know that people need the stability that safe housing provides. This is why we take a housing first approach. Rather than expect people to gather these ‘keys’ alone before finding housing, we provide a house first, affording someone the time, space and stability to move forward by themselves.

Person-centred casework: Each resident is the expert in his own life. A primary role of our casework is to support each individual to engage with the asylum service, to obtain legal status, to access the healthcare system and take care of his physical and mental health as he needs.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are expert housing providers, and leaders in the field of person-centred support. The way in which we work with people we support is rare: and we believe it is powerful and should be more widespread. We would love provide the knowledge gained in delivering our programmes over the past four years.

Expertise sought

We are a small organisation: advice and expertise around governance, sustainable funding and strategic expertise would all be very welcome.