Medardo Coboto University of the third age is a non-governmental voluntary public organization promoting social integration of seniors into society

University ensures a better social integration of seniors into society, promotes their effective, productive and purposeful life and supports their working capacity as well as their physical activity and mental health.
MCTAU currently has over 2500 older adults-students of different nationalities from Vilnius. The students can choose their learning subjects and lectures in 12 faculties: Foreign languages, Literature, Handicrafts, IT, History, Culture, Artistic expression, Tourism, Health, Music, Social psychology, Politics, law and economy.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Since the establishment the MCTAU has been engaged in a number of activities, such as participating in European projects (Erasmus+, Nordplus) as well as those suggested by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Lithuanian Council for culture, Vilnius city Municipality.

Expertise sought

We seek impact oriented reliable partners working internationally, nationally and locally to collaborate in fields of active aging, Silber economy, improving public governance.