MdM-Gr is an independent NGO, whose modus operandi is characterized by its swift and targeted delivery of multisectoral assistance to the vulnerable

MdM-Greece utilizes their programs and activities for the vulnerable groups of population in the context of the following pillars:
• Health promotion and well-being of communities
• Sexual Reproductive Health
• Child Protection
• Health and Environmental Justice
• Equal participation of people in sports
• Promotion of multidisciplinary collaboration in a community-based approach in terms of Public Health
• Mental health and physical activities

Competence and Expertise Offered

MdM-Greece has the necessary technical and managerial expertise to participate to the project; the financial health and robustness to run and scale up operations; it’s an organization well integrated in Greece and EU level. MdM-Greece has ISO Certification 9001:2015 (Reg. number 2001200004215) and it is also a registered entity in the European Transparency Register with code number: 601645244687-08 (MDM-EL).