Education in human rights and democratic citizenship for youth, teachers, refugees, law and journalism students, activists, volunteers

Human Rights Academy (HRA) has been working in the field of education in human rights and democratic citizenship (HRE/EDC) since 2008. The main activities are trainings in HRE/EDC for various groups in society (youth/students, asylum seekers, teachers, journalism and law students, NGO activists, volunteers, social workers, others). Development of interactive teaching methods in HRE/EDC is another priority. HRA is member of DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights in Europe). The main goal of our work is to increase awareness of and respect to international human rights through education.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Extensive teaching in human rights and democratic citizenship (HRE/EDC) by using interactive teaching methods.
– Development of methodology for HRE/EDC, written and online.
– Field expertise: HRE/EDC; development of the international human rights system; protection of vulnerable groups; women’s rights; democracy and/ vs culture; culture, identity and human rights; freedom of expression; journalism and ethics; role of civil society & grass root initiativ; intercultural understanding