It empowers democratic processes and unites the local community through a participatory mapping process of the city’s cultural heritage.

“Messolonghi by Locals” is a participatory city branding project where locals play the role of the city brander. Through democratic processes including dialogue, partnerships and networks, locals of all ages and backgrounds collaborate in order to map cultural routes for the city of Messolonghi and disseminate its cultural heritage. The organisation has also created a sociocultural centre, the Local Hub, an open space for expression, learning and networking where seminars, workshops and all kind of cultural events and projects take place.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have developed a good practice which involves a process of mapping a city’s cultural heritage in a participatory way where citizens of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to participate and collaborate. We would be thrilled to share our know-how on this process with other organisations and help them implement it in their cities. The members of our organisation are also experienced in capacity building for teams, community engagement methos and tools for participative processes.

Expertise sought

In will be a way to exchange knowledge and methodologies with people with common interests from a different cultural background. Sharing know-how on community empowerment and citizen participation will broaden our horizons and boost our communication skills through fruitful dialogue and deep discussions with the other organisations. It will be a chance to see other approaches on place making, get inspired and apply new methodologies and ideas when we return back to our city.