MCSA works to promote sustainability and communication in citizen science activities while empowering migrants and promoting diversity & inclusivity.

The objective of the MCSA is to encourage migrant engagement in citizen science initiatives, prioritizing sustainability and communication. The organization is founded on seven guiding principles, which are centered on fostering empowerment, upholding migrants’ cultural and societal rights, fairness, honesty, integrity, diversity, humility, and inclusivity. These values underpin the organization’s ultimate goal of bolstering migrants’ scientific and societal agency.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The MCSA has set ten goals, which include promoting migrant involvement in scientific research, establishing a network of citizen scientists, raising awareness of migrants’ contributions to science, advocating for policies that support citizen science, and contributing to a European-wide citizen science movement to emphasize the importance of citizen science initiatives.

Expertise sought

We seek cooperation from institutions and the scientific communities in Norway and Europe to actively involve migrants. This involvement will promote equitable research practices and ensure diverse perspectives are reflected in new knowledge, contributing to a more inclusive and just society. we can address social issues related to sustainability, health, education, social justice, & more, benefitting both the migrant communities and the broader society.