Independent research institution, using scientific research and advocacy activities to achieve equality and solidarity in the society.

The Institute develops interdisciplinary research, educational and awareness-raising activities in the areas of social science, humanities, anthropology and law, in five thematic fields: human rights and minorities, politics, media, gender and cultural policies. It acts as an ally of vulnerable groups and acts against discrimination in partnership with them. It is a visible research and civil society stakeholder in Slovenia, the region and on the international level and a leading resource in the fields of its operation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

qualitative and quantitative research in the fields of sociology, political science, anthropology, media and law; policy analyses; awareness rising activities; educational activities; public events; campaigns.

Expertise sought

Partnerships with other similar stakeholders (institutes, universities, non-governmental organisations) who work professionally and aim at creating and an preserving open society capable of critical thought.