Prevention of drug and other addictions by training and activating the local community,development of voluntary work. Youth Centre for kids 4-18 year

Training local community-teachers, parents, health professionals-in prevention of addictive substances and behaviors by self development and active citizenship (volunteer work).Running a Youth Centre in leisure time of kids 4-18 years by training them in basic skills, offering consultation to kids and families, providing opportunities (creative occupation, international youth exchanges, quality entertainment), by making them sensitive to democracy, equality, human rights, respect of diversity, sustainability of nature. Running a network of individuals who offer free services to poor families.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Training in drug prevention and addictive behaviors, in acquisition of volunteers for preventive work.Networking with local, national, international agencies for cooperation in volunteer work, youth work, quality of life.Exchange of good practices.Experience in exchanges of youth workers and young people.Co-writing of articles on youth work and prevention of addiction.Family consultation and enforcement on parental role.Short day programs for school students on using social media with safety.

Expertise sought

Academic and practical exchange of information and knowledge in updated needs of youth work, volunteer work, prevention of addiction. Exchange of good practices through youth workers and young students by visiting countries, by cooperating in a project, by creating a common work. Seeking of new challenges for self development and active citizenship .Getting to know organizational structures of other similar agencies. Exchange of pedagogical methodologies.