The Multicultural Center Brusinka is an educational, leisure time, non-profit and non-governmental organization working in Brno since 2020.

As a Multicultural Center we are a special space in Brno, which serves as a mean for the dissemination of different educational, artistic, cultural expressions to unite people from different backgrounds. Our Center allows inter-generational exchanges and community-building for the inhabitants of our city to have a physical space to openly express themselves and celebrate their diversity in unison. For this matter, the Center’s programs and activities are developed to increase the awareness, understanding, support and intersectionality of the various identities in the local community.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Building of the multicultural environment, activities for foreigners and refugees, ideas on coexistence of different groups

Expertise sought

Collaboration on projects with the goal of promoting and connecting teachers, artists, education on the cultural values and values of European multiculturalism, especially youth education, promotion, preservation of cultural diversity, promotion of European cultural identity, development and improvement of cultural cohesion between European countries and citizens, awareness and promotion of quality of life through affirmation of youth culture, creation of new cultural values and better society.