Museum of Madness’s primary activities are focused on cultural heritage, social inclusion, education, mental health, and environmental awareness.

The Museum of Madness is located in the northeast of Slovenia, right on the border with Austria. It is run by local people with the intensive support of various experts.
Through the Museum of Madness, we strive to preserve and revitalize medieval Castle Cmurek, the building in which the State Asylum for the Mentally Ill operated from 1949 until 2004. We aim to contribute, to the ongoing process of de-institutionalizing mental illness in Slovenia, broadening the concept of madness, bringing it up to date, removing tabus, and detaching it from the process of institutionalization.

Competence and Expertise Offered

In line with our mission, the Museum of Madness aims to create a full-spectrum cultural, educational, professional, social, and tourist center. We aim to revive the cultural and natural heritage of the surroundings of Castle Cmurek, incentivize the potential of the local community, and integrate our work into the wider region, regardless of the national border nearby. In doing so, we respect the principles of sustainable development and care for the environment.

Expertise sought

Similar priorities: education about social inclusion, difficult heritage, accessibility, human rights, climate change.

We seek cooperation with an NGO with management skills and a leading partner for future projects.