We are an independent, apolitical and non-profit organization. We are new founded organization, but our members have a lot of experience.

One of our goals is to create first Roma art agency in the Czech Republic, which will help artist break through within the industry, will be able to defend their intellectual property and which will help them make a name in general society. We strive to support dialogue in the youngest generations, topic discussions within the community or student exchanges. We would like to pass on the ability to express one’s opinion, lead, manage and organize various community events-plays, manifestations etc

Competence and Expertise Offered

A lot of experience with social work and civic activism
We have a known influencer, scriptwriter and also co-organizer of the Roma Culture Week festival.
In our team we have also a member of the Government Council for National Minorities of the Czech Republic. She coordinated multiple antidiscrimination campaigns, projects, and celebrations of the International Roma Day within the Roma Culture Week festival. In 2007 she received a European award for the best antidiscrimination act.

Expertise sought

Development in the field of artists production and their management
Sharing cultures
Fight against discrimination and racism
Creating campaigns
Youth exchange