Promoting education, science, arts and culture in contexts of FCV through: initiaves on the ground, advocay & innovative ideas

– scholaship programme for Ukrainians (in preparation):

– in the pipeline (looking partners and funding):
– Stem for girls – 30 3 year BA scholarship for girls from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine
-“SALAMFEST” – cultural festival to promote dialogue between Arab and European societies based on a better understanding of the depht and breadth of arts, culture, food and spiritual traditions in the Midle East countries

Competence and Expertise Offered

Though a brand new organization (founded in April 2022), its members have a solid knowledge and experience in dealing with conflict-affected societies, in developping tools that seek at building inclusive societies.

Expertise sought

we woudl like to partner with organizations that have innovative ideas to develop and share in order to increase impact of activities carried on. Furthermore we would like to get more insight information on building social businesses and on how to make funindg more sustainable for NGOs that deal with education, culture and young adults