Northern Lithuania College provides non-formal education, social and social education services, carries out social integration, community activities.

Northern Lithuania College is particularly successful in project activities contributing to the development of civil society, societal challenges, social, cultural and economic development of the city, region and country, with a view to increasing the social empowerment of young people and other members of society. The project will seek to address the lack of involvement of young people in the formulation and implementation of anti-corruption policies at both local and national levels. Activities will be carried out to promote other anti-corruption initiatives within the youth group.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Northern Lithuania College actively participates in proposing public governance decisions to authorities, contributes to educational advancement and educational innovation, promotes community involvement in public policy-making, and supports and develops civic and democratic initiatives. Activities will be carried out to ensure a more active participation and involvement of young people in decision-making on the development and application of anti-corruption measures.

Expertise sought

We are looking for a partner from a donor country (NGO, CAO) who has experience in youth work, anti-corruption education, who has mastered and applies effective methods of youth anti-corruption education, public involvement in public policy making. It is expected that the project partner will be able to share their best practices, contribute to improving the quality of youth civic education in order to increase youth participation in anti-corruption proposals to state or municipal institutions.